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Stay warm in the fall, winter, and spring. We work with new and old furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and water heaters.


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Keep cool with central or zoned cooling systems. We work with central AC units, central heat pumps, and mini-splits.

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Distribute adequate volumes of warm and cool air in an efficient manner with our ductwork sizing and modifications.

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Learn about what it means to work with a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor and what Mitsubishi products we offer.

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Let us help you find ways to save, finance, and receive money back on your next heating or cooling project.


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Our team works out of Sandown, New Hampshire, serving customers in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. We install new systems, repair old systems, provide regular maintenance, and offer free estimates on many different heating and cooling units. We work with numerous gas, oil, and electric systems. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, we are recognized for providing the highest quality work.


How much does a new system cost?

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Well, it all depends. This is why it makes the most sense for us to give you a free estimate because we get to see your existing system, the square footage of your house, and its layout. After taking this into account, the price depends on size, quality, brand, and the overall scope of work. If this is your first question, reach out to us here.

How do estimates work?

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There are many ways in which a homeowner may contact us in order to request an estimate. To make the process quick and easy, we recommend readying answers to the following questions prior to reaching out:

  • What equipment/services are you seeking?
  • What is the age of your home?
  • What is the location of your property?
  • What is the best way to contact you?

We will want to set up a visit to see the space, make note of areas that would be included in the project, and introduce ourselves. After we’ve seen the space, we can give you an accurate estimate within a few days. From there, you just need to let us know whether you are happy with the quote, would like to explore options to rework the quote, or prefer a different direction.

How long will my equipment last?

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It depends on the system. With a boiler, you can expect a life span of 20-25 years; a furnace, 15-20 years; and a heat pump, 10-20 years. It also depends on how often you use it and how often you service it. People try to extend the life of their heating or cooling systems, but it can cause health risks, lead to overspending on an inefficient system, and when it comes time to replace the original system, there may be fewer options. We recommend getting estimates sooner rather than later. Remember to take into account maintenance costs, rebates, discounts, warranties, rules, and laws; this will help you be proactive when it comes to your heating and cooling systems.

How often should I service my system?

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Most systems should be tested, cleaned, and inspected annually. Some systems, such as a furnace with central air conditioning, should be serviced biannually. Commercial appliances can be serviced quarterly to ensure proper function.

What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

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A Diamond Contractor is a person who’s passed Mitsubishi’s extensive training on equipment, new technologies, and installation best practices. As a Diamond Contractor, we complete extra training, continue our education as often as possible, and deeply understand Mitsubishi products. For more information about the program, visit the Diamond Contractor section of Mitsubishi’s website here.

What rebates can I apply for?

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Depending on the location of your property, there may be several financing options that could help make your project more affordable. See our financing page for a more in-depth answer.

What locations do you service?

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We service Southern Maine, Southern/Southeastern New Hampshire, and the North Shore/Northeastern Massachusetts. If you think you may not be within our range, reach out, and we will let you know whether we can do the job.

Do you offer emergency service?

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Yes. We understand that sometimes your existing heating and cooling equipment just won’t work at inconvenient times. There is a one time emergency diagnostic fee of $275 for weekend and holiday visits, but our priority is to make sure our customers do not have to go without heat during a cold spell, cooling during a hot spell, or put up with excessive discomfort.




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